Kingdom Server

What is a Kingdom Server?

A Kingdom server is a server based on the concept of DusDavid, a popular Dutch youtuber. But because that kingdom server doesn't let everybody play, a lot of 'fake' kingdom servers started popping up. We don't see our server as a 'fake kingdom server' because our concept is different from DusDavids. All his kingdoms are already premade, so there isn't much room to do whatever you want.

What makes our Kingdom Server unique

On our kingdom server you can create your very own kingdom with friends or people you meet during your time on Zebracraft. A lot of servers have premade kingdoms, which makes it harder to do what you want. You can get a kingdom on our kingdom server by applying for it on our discord server! Look for the "aanvraag-info" channel!

If you need information in English about what to do when creating your clan, contact one of the Admins or Owners!

We're trying to be as transparent as possible, all decisions to make the server better are being voted on by the players. And if you have a suggestion for us on how to do things better, you can post your suggestion on the discord.

For events watch "aankondigingen" channel, if we're going to do events, we'll post an announcement there.

Why should you play on our Kingdom Server?

We have a very fun and tight community. Our community is 100% our strongest point. The fact that you can create your own kingdom on our kingdom server without restrictions, is also a good point to consider playing on Zebracraft. A kingdom doesn't necessarily have to be medieval. If you want to make a kingdom with modern houses, and flats, you go ahead. In fact, we want you to be creative!

If you like chatting with people, you're in good hands in our community. Allthough we're all Dutch, we can speak English! You can find us on our discord, and we're always ready to chat you up.

We from Zebracraft hope to see you soon on our kingdom server!

How to join a Kingdom on Zebracraft

If you don't have time to make your own Kingdom, no problem! You can always join another. On our kingdom server you can join a kingdom a couple ways;

  • Way 1: Asking a K / H / Q / C (King, Hertog (Dutch for Duke), Queen, Chief) on the kingdom server.
  • Way 2: Introducing yourself on discord in our #nieuwe-speler (new player) channel! (Post your in game name and what you're good at, optional are your age, your real name, what kind of kingdom you're looking for, and something about yourself (hobbies, pets, be creative :) )
  • Way 3: Introducing yourself to Kings in the discord. Kings are separate from normal players and have a yellow name.


Kingdom server 1.16.5